Tică Darie crosses Europe in support of Roșia Montană

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Cycling the Europe from Tica Darie on Vimeo.

Romanian photo wins Wikipedia Contest

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A photography by Mihai Petre has won the “Wiki Loves Monuments” contest, organized by Wikipedia.

The picture represents the Chiajna Monastery in Giulesti, and is one of many photos participating in the competition.Go here to see all the finalists from Romania, and scroll up and down to see a lot of other beautiful photos of monuments all around the world.

The Earth Beat

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Inspired by Romania, sponsored by Burn, an impressive story nonetheless.

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Vunk is inspired by Romania, in a certain way.

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Maybe not necessarily in a good way, but still is inspired, Vunk is a Romanian band that inherits the members of the initial band, called Vank and launched on TV arround 1999. Their song is entitled “I want a more normal country”.

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Iolanda Scripca is inspired by Romania

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Iolanda Scripca is one of the staff members of the San Diego Reader. In her first article published for the travel column of the San Diego Reader, she is sharing her impressions on the Eastern Orthodx monasteries of Moldavia, as part of a longer article on the “Fascinating Romania”.

Iolanda is not the only editor of the US newspaper, Maria Romano has also recently wrote an article on the Bran Castel, in Transylvania, that you can read on their website.

Burn is Inspired by Romania

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Burn is doing a good job at promoting Romania through sports. This is not an advertorial, but merely a small token of apreciation. Enjoy a movie compiled by the Burn adventure team in Bucharest, Sinaia and other places in Romania as well as some footage from Innsbruck.

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Alexandru Don the biker and his “Trip to Craiova”

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While not ultra-inspiring in terms of scenery, Alex’ film features a few spots in Craiova while focusing on his pack bike sports adventures. Worth watching it, and get inspired in multiple ways.

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Ben – inspired by Spain

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You might want to visit Ben’s video not just to see his amazing footage but also to get inspired on how to shoot your own footage. Ben is the maker of a very interesting DIY dolly, a really usefull gear when you need to shoot from a slow-moving standpoint.

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The Running Bums marathonists are inspired by Romania

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The “Running Bums” have decided to train for the Berlin Marathon in September, but they already started, in Romania. And they have clearly been inspired by Romania. See for yourself:

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Guess Who – Unu Altu HD

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